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09 February 2011 @ 05:37 pm
Wow haven't updated in 3 days that is unusual for me. Nothing too exciting to report. This week has been soo strange. I requested to have off Wed, Thur off this week. Which is strange cause I'm never off in the middle of the week. Today I had to go back to the dentist for a follow up on my last check up. Thankfully everything was ok. But it sucks cause my dentist is like 30 minutes away and my appointment was at 9am. Ugh So I didn't even get to sleep in hardly.

Then I had made a haircut appointment also today. I was home for a grand total of 2hrs today lol. I hate days like these where I'm never home. But I was so excited for my haircut. I took a few pictures below. I'm kind of in love with how she did my sides. Lots of layers this time. My hair is naturally RED. I've never dyed it or put anything in it. These pictures dont do justice to the real thing. Maybe tomorrow I'll go out and take some decent ones now that I have a better hair style. Hopefully I can manage this one lol.

This is me messing with the photo booth on my mac book but you get the idea :)

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09 February 2011 @ 08:31 am
Dear salixbabylon

Thanks SOOO much for the box of valentine candy.

I love virtual gifts thanks again. You made my morning!
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06 February 2011 @ 10:19 am
Happy Sunday everyone,

I'm probably the only one NOT watching the Super bowl today haha. There is a Degrassi marathon on and a Ghost Hunters Marathon on today lol.

Anyways I have an actual reason for posting. I'm doing a project that requires 1997 pictures of ISAAC! I was going through my photo bucket and noticed that I had hardly any. So this is for all my fansons on my friends list. IF there is any you would be willing to share I'd be for ever grateful :)

Thanks guys.
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04 February 2011 @ 05:01 pm
Just ran into the ex boyfriend.. He came through my line the last 10 mins of my shift.

Talk about an AWKWARD moment. He was with a girl on top of that but she didn't say anything. Even though we broke up over 2 years ago it still feels weird. We've texted a bit here and there but at least that way you don't have to see them lol.

I'm trying to distract myself from it lol. So I'm spending my afternoon with Hanson live in LONDON on http://bit.ly/9qeA4v.

So glad I got home in time for this :) Its an awesome set list so far. Were on Oh Darlin Gotta love re streaming :)

P.S. Zachary you are gorgeous :)
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03 February 2011 @ 05:20 am
Kinda bummed they broke up. This was my favorite song. Well this one and fell in love with a girl.

But I loved this especially the music video :)

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02 February 2011 @ 04:19 pm
Isaac Hanson @ 100 club in LONDON

I'm in love with b@w photos

If you wanna see more here is where I found it :)

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01 February 2011 @ 04:25 pm

Its February first already.

So jealous of all of you that got to have a snow day today lol. I guess I should be grateful that I don't live in Minnesota or Chicago some where back East cause I know I couldn't handle it. I'm also jealous of all of the school closures. Not once the entire time I was in school did we get a snow day. We got lots of delayed starts but no closures due to cold weather. My poor dogs hate winter too lol.

Today's temperature -3 degrees out. Brrr. However I did get dome pretty cool pictures out of this one.

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31 January 2011 @ 04:04 pm
What's the origin of your username? If you could change it to anything else, would you, and what would it be?

My username came from my favorite Hanson song off of the Underneath album. It also happened to be from watching this particular clip from the Strong Enough to Break dvd over and over lol. The fact that someone on tumblr made a gif from this particular clip made my day lol.

Just a girl like you, and maybe just a
Just a guy like me, maybe we
Could take a walk on the wild side
Take a look and take a look and go
Get Up and Go
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31 January 2011 @ 11:00 am
I hate Mondays. And on top of that its snowing outside righht now. Work has been super busy because of it. I love how everyone freaks out at the first mention of snow. At least the customers aren't grouchy like last time. Its soo cold out that my chapstick froze from sitting in my car. I know its onLy january but seriouly winter I am sOoo OVER you right now. If I win the lottery I'm moving to hawaii.
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28 January 2011 @ 04:48 pm
Fan Girl Squeeee,

Can I just say For those of us going through live stream with drawls.. YAAAAAY!

I'm so excited that they will be streaming the concert from LONDON. Makes me really happy.
And not only that but it will be an acoustic set even better. I loove them acoustic.

ok I'm done now sorry guys lol. Had a crappy day at work but coming home to this made me forget all about it :)

Let the weekend begin :)

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